27 mars 2015

8 délires religieux qui furent de courte durée

Le site io9 nous offre sa liste des huit délires religieux qui furent heureusement de courte durée... en voici quelques extraits:

8. Savonarola's Popularity Ended In Literal Flames

(...) Then things got scary. People would go to his speeches and, seized with a kind of hysteria, and run home to destroy everything pretty in their house. Painters, including Botticelli, burned their own work. Some painters were simply too afraid to do any new work. Once people were done ridding themselves of their beautiful possessions, they turned their eye on their neighbors. We think of the famous Bonfire of the Vanities, as an event at which people hurled their own fine clothes and artworks (and even pets) into the fire, but in truth, many were throwing in the property of their immoral neighbors — which had been collected by gangs of children that went around pounding on doors and searching houses.

7. The Cult of Sister Agnese Firrao

(...) Through her letters to Sister Maria Luisa, Agnese convinced everyone at her old convent she was a saint. She convinced them of a few other things as well. The nuns were a contemplative order, and had very little contact with the outside world. This is a shame, because contact with the outside world might have helped new novices realize that initiation into a convent shouldn't involve large amounts of oral sex with the mistress of novices. Perhaps a more open atmosphere would have given the first three nuns Maria Luisa turned on a chance to get away before they were poisoned to death.

6. The Greatest Problem With The Great Disappointment Was Smugness

(...) For some followers, knowing the year the world would end just wasn't enough. They needed an exact date, and a Millerite preacher named Samuel Snow gave it to them. He decided that the door would shut on October 22, 1844. People like specificity, and soon everyone in the Millerite movement came around to Snow's way of thinking. They eagerly awaited October 22nd. One man actually climbed up onto a barn roof and jumped at midnight. He literally hit the ground.

5. Biting Cat Nuns Spread Across Europe

(...) So throughout Europe, convents were apparently stalked by yowling, biting nuns. The mania wound itself up and then died back down, apparently forever.

4. The Morrisite Set Off A (Technically) International Incident

(...) He started his own sect — a sect that built up a following, went out to Utah in 1861, and believed Morris's prediction that the world would end by 1862. They believed it so much that they didn't plant any crops. Some actually trampled their crops, to show how much they believed.

3. The Satanic Panic Of The 1980s

(...) As the panic spread, the rumors got wilder. The head of Proctor & Gamble, people claimed, confidently announced that he was a Satanist on national television. (He didn't.) Satanists were sacrificing children. (They weren't.) There were a million Satanic cults in the United States - not a million Satanists, a million Satanic cults. (Of course there weren't.)

2. The Devil Does Milan

(...) There was an ancient poem that claimed that, in 1630, the Devil would come to Milan and poison everyone. On a morning in April, the citizens awoke to odd splashes of color on their doors. The idea that they had been marked promptly drove everyone insane. They were on the look-out for poisoners, which meant a lot of cooks and pharmacists got beaten, mobbed, or sent to the authorities to be tortured. All fruits and standing water were assumed to be poisoned. But people knew that poison could also be absorbed through touch. One old man, wiping his seat with his cloak before he sat on it, was said to be smearing poison on the chair, and was attacked by a mob of women. They wanted to turn him over to the police, but were denied justice because they beat him to death on the way there.

1. You Knew Salem Was Going To Top This List

(...) Committees to ensure public safety instead increased public paranoia. Innocent people confessed under torture. Innocent people were tortured to death. Every social strata went to war with every other social strata — with the poor accusing the rich and the rich accusing the poor. Ordinary people achieved great power and went mad with it. Accusers fell out of favor and became the accused. Any social, political, or economic problem that could befall a society worked its way into the insanity.

Ah! La merveilleuse contribution de la religion à l'humanité!

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fylouz a dit...

#7. Maintenant, je sais quel est la source d'inspiration de tous ces films que l'on trouve sur Internet. Merci, mes sœurs !

#4. Ceux qui ont détruit leurs récoltes ont du s'inspirer ce ce type là :


PS : le type en question est mort depuis près de 2000 ans et le monde est toujours là.